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a new day of pomp and ceremony in iran as the new president is due to be sworn in. also on the program, embassies closed, a security alert over massive jailbreaks, interpol issues a warning about al qaeda. police carried out raids with tens of thousands demonstrating support for the government. the wheels of progress have a number of cyclists in london that have tripled in the past 10
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years. colburn the new president of iran is to be sworn in within the hour. hassan rowhani he is expected to outline his vision for the country's future with an address. he met with clerics on sunday. the country, embroiled in a civil war, is the only ally of iran. a big job ahead at the moment for a new bill with sanctions working its way through the u.s. congress, politicians want to punish iran for its nuclear program but the white house is concerned the the new sanctions are badly timed. sanctions go ahead it would strengthen the existing embargoes. cutu.s. is hoping to exports by 1 million barrels per year.
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sanctions previously put in place by the u.s., un, and other nations, have frozen the assets of the run-in central bank, banning financial transactions. there are tough penalties as well for countries and institutions that continue to trade with iran. live for us from tehran, lot of challenges their for the new president, not the least of which are economic. right, there is a long, long list of challenges with high expectations to go along with that. the iranian people voted for change, that is what they want to see, he has a big task ahead of him, hitting the ground running and meeting with the regional representatives, as you mentioned, earlier this morning. particularly those from iraq and syria, iran has at -- has a
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vested interest in what goes on in those countries. following this economic crisis, as you discussed, it is not just a domestic challenge and something that needs to happen internally. there are sanctions on his country. perhaps more to add to the already high level of sanctions, iran has been facing problems regarding oil, exports, and central banks, which really did crip we're running in the economy, shipping to high inflation and unemployment. businesses that cannot trade with the outside world or import of products that they used to. they have to -- hassan rowhani has to fix this economic situation and come to some kind of agreement with the international community. so, it works both ways, everything seems to be tied together.
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you said challenge, as earlier. >> you mentioned the nuclear issue and western nations like the united states looking to see what comes out of his presidency in the initial few months. how closely will they be watching all of this, then? be expecting the united states and its allies to be watching very closely. hesan rowhani indicated that wants a softer approach to foreign policy and end the era of rhetoric and sloganeering, as replacing vengeance with friendship and better relations. indications are positive, and moderate here in iran, and obama a democrat in the united states,
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analysts say the timing is right but it is a short window for both sides to actually get anything done or make any progress. it is a long time, i expect the united states to be watching closely who he chooses for his cabinet. to thell all signal outside world his intentions for the country. they do very much for that. change reaction, saying it does not change the objectives of iran. iran saidsident of the day before yesterday that israel is a wounded body and the goal of the regime has stayed the same, to develop a nuclear capability, nuclear weapons, the
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purpose is to destroy israel. will bring you the swearing in as soon as the proceedings could underway. stay with us for that. interpol has issued a global security alert. there were present day this reason i and iraq, libya, and -- prison breaks recently in iraq, libya, and pakistan. >> this was the central prison in pakistan last week after a major assault. attackers disguised as police approached the complex and then blasted it. a all 248 prisoners escaped including around 45 that the pakistani government considered particularly dangerous. the vast majority are still at
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large. many of the escapees were considered highly dangerous. again, only a small portion have been recaptured. days before that, al qaeda had said they had helped as many as 500 inmates break out a bottle ghraib i and another apparently well-planned attack. in all three cases many of them were hardened fighters linked to armed groups. it took the international police agency issuing a global alert and publicly questioning whether the attacks were linked. the u.s. weapon of choice to deal with this kind of problem is thrown strikes. despite president obama's declaration this year that the jerome would no longer play such a permit -- prominent role, it is still in use. nine people were killed in yemen
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last week. some people there say that such attacks and merely provide more ammunition to al qaeda and other groups. the threat of the attacks there has prompted several governments to close their embassies across the region on sunday. with so many escaped prisoners still at large, the wider threat that they pose mail last much longer. bob, a former in cia intelligence officer and international security analysts. he joins us now from somerset in england. thank you for being with us. how much of a connection is there, then, to these prison breakouts in places like iraq, pakistan, libya, and the warnings that we heard? >> there is a from a logical connection, but it is doubtful the recent escapees could have
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been able to plan coordinated activities against embassies. i think that the closures are precautionary. >> in your experience as a former intelligence man, what sort of information might have tipped them off in this case? clearly, they have had some information to lead them to believe that some sort of attacked would take place. let's say that they intercepted a communication between two terrorist cells saying something along the lines of -- the bombs are ready and we will use them against the embassy next week. you do not know what they there were talking about, which embassy there were talking about, all you know is that something is trying to happen next week. when that happens, you err on the side of caution. >> the warning issued by the u.s. state department a couple
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of days before, there are of course political overtones with a number of lawmakers in washington saying that this has been done to make it look like they are on top of the situation, others saying that this is just caving in. what sort of message do you take? >> it seems the u.s. is signaling an allowance of the united states to be manipulated by the terrorist threat. encouragingectively them to become more active and from a few months ago are still very much on the mind of the politicians in washington. how much is that hanging over the u.s. administration? >> it is certainly hanging over the head of the state department and president obama.
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as you recall, there was a great deal of enhance security requests and the denial of them on the part of the state department, as a consequence several staff members were killed. i do not think president obama wants to repeat that, so they are doing whatever they can do to make sure they do not lose another ambassador to attacks in the middle east. >> earlier you said that you thought this was sending out the wrong message. what should be done in -- done instead? >> the american presence is important. if you're going to be located in the region, you have to be there permanently. if you send the signal that when the going gets tough, you are going to leave and close down the embassy, you are conditioning the people to view the united states as temporary
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visitors and not permanent residents. usbob was there talking to by sky from somerset in england. thank you so much for your perspective. libya's deputy prime minister says that he is resigning because of failed policies and lack of security. he said he was not given enough powers to carry out his duties. he has been under the threat of a number of assassinations. u.s. deputy secretary of state is continuing his drive to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis in egypt. he has already met the interim president and supporters of mohamed morsi. the defense minister in egypt said there is no chance to resolve the current crisis peacefully. his comments he t
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leaders. >> we are promised that it will and thetormed or stop interior ministry issued a statement today. " we're looking for is not any and.shed >> more now from cairo on the continuing diplomatic peace talks. >> expected to meet the leadership of the muslim brotherhood for a second time in as many days. the muslim brotherhood is looking for concessions before dispersing and joining the political protests. among those concessions, they would like to see the
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constitution ratified from 2012 as the basis even though this constitution so far is suspended and their disposition is that it should be reinstated. the second point of their making this is very strong as that they will not hold any direct negotiations with the general. they said the coordinating negotiations would be with in the interim civilian government. also a guarantee there would be no use of force in dispersing the citizens. shuffling between the parties, there is an african union delegation still in the country. they are all trying to find this common ground to kickstart this political process and it seems suffering on behalf of the
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muslim brotherhood. be theakthrough could leadership of the muslim brotherhood sitting down with the leaders of the interim government. >> still to come up, the australian prime minister called for elections on september 7, but is there enough time to pull back the lead in the polls? and we meet prisoners were taking lessons from the classroom into the court room. tunisian police have shot dead a fighter and injured five others during a raid on a house in the capital. thousands of people gathered to assure their support for the government. it was one of the largest rally is for -- showing support since 2011. people were urged to take to the
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streets in response. they said the coordinating negotiations would be with in the interim civilian government. to one week of anti-government protests. >> it was a police operation targeted in the southern area of the capital that came under fire against the backdrop of a backdrop the did not are andwho these people could be obligated with a religious groups in tunisia. yesterday three were arrested when they foiled an assassination attempt against the opposition leader. this operation is aimed at targeting radically armed groups.
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they believe these fighters to be affiliated with of qaeda. the situation is tense and there are growing demands for the leavement to dissolve and the government until elections are held this year. injured in anle explosion in afghanistan. the roadside bomb went off just one day after three suicide bombers killed nine people in an attack on the same city. inolice man who was hurt bahrain, new government measures to deal with continuing protests, the majority shia population was once the majority voice. in iraq a car bombing explosion targeted the house of a criminal
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court judge who was killed, his wife was seriously injured. called for has been the seventh, one week earlier than his predecessor had nominated back in january. thep on the big lead in polls. speculation,hs of the day seemed set. australians would go on the seventh. >> this with the people could decide who they trust best to navigate the way through. have their best shot at maintaining living standards and prosperity. his party offers hope, his opponents, he says: negativity. >> the people of australia began to be subjected to an absolute
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bar raj of negative political advertising. his advertising campaign will be massive, funded by the massive war chest that he has amassed. not least, the tobacco companies. the next month or so is going to be a rough one, i think. >> the opposition leaders said he was ready for the fight. >> right now what i want to do is directly address the people of australia about the choice that now faces our country. the choice is yours. it is not the choice of the caucus, it is not the choice of the cyclist, it is your choice minister andprime government have. the choice could not be clearer. the choice is between the positive plans of the coalition
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and more of the same under the australian party. >> a few weeks ago the australian labor government looked certain to lose an election that the prime minister had set for the 14th. , awing numbers of refugees booming economy suffering with a new carbon tax and backpacks on everything. the prime minister, unpopular, never fully forgiven for the way they came to power. began inble turnaround june, when kevin rudd replaced lard. he said he would switch from the carbon tax to a trading scheme earlier than planned. ago, opinion weeks
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polls suggest of labour government would not track. they chose an election date earlier than they had planned and a much earlier than a confident mood where he thinks he can win. >> china has stopped imports of all milk powder after bacteria that could have botulism was found in some dairy products. they have sold contaminated ofteins used for a range products. the taiwanese president has attended the funeral of a soldier who died in confinement after intense exercise drills. the death of the corporal
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triggered large protests for thousands. >> a nationwide issue. it began outside the funeral home to protest. the called for the president to step down. died under confinement. the have promised to make sure the death is fully investigated. they have offered their condolences. hear about your loss. >> the death of the young soldier in training one month ago led to the demonstrations. the biggest yet was on the eve of his funeral. they offered an emotional appeal to the crowd.
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there are no words to describe the pain in my house. >> tie one has tried to transform its ministry a 2013. the ministry of defense has resigned. want the they president to resign as well. >> thousands of people have been displaced by flooding in western india. byleast 20 have been killed the torrential rains that submerged thousands of hectares of land. more than 5000 people have been taken to shelter. the management force is prepared to rescue people if needed. at least 14 people have been killed in karachi.
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heavy rain in parts of the city, several people trapped in their homes, buying from electrocution. there was a warning that they would not lift travel sanctions unless free polling is held. leader to gosition to court on monday to challenge the president's major landslide win there. promised to take legal action on the allegations of vote rigging. >> we are at this stage because of the discipline of our people. we have been to other buildings.
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the end of the day, we do not what this. there is national mourning in this country. >> we spoke to the police on the streets, which is unusual. the headline in the state- , the is a paper picture of both of the next to each other and, of course, the private paper with a different angle on the story. moving into political and constitutional crisis, he plans to go to court to challenge the allegation, possibly on monday. the people of zimbabwe are worried. they will be careful. they will probably say things like they want a peaceful
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solution to the problem. people are concerned. if it takes too long for this problem, it could have major issues down the road. ♪ ♪
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